linux ubuntu problem fix 3.13

today I met several problems when trying to install matlab on the ubuntu 13.10.

Firstly, it need at least 5GB free space to install Matlab. not enough space, 0.7GB less than enough. Using "Gparted"  a kind of disk partition and resizing tools just as PQ In windows. Using a USB flash drive to load the software in the USB. Afterwards, when the computer opens, it will automatically jump into the virtualbox software and begin the disk resize, creat the new disk I creat a new disk label of ext4, a kind of ubuntu disk label.

1. After creating a new disk space, mount the new space into exisiting file system, therefore, expand the current file space.

    command line: sudo mount -t ext4 (target file) (destination place)

2. load the matlab installlation file

    command line: sudo mount -o loop (matlab iso file name) (destination file location)

3. command line: cd (des) , ./install

4. afterwards, if warning something has not been found, a kind of library files, then use the sudo apt-get install (...) to install the software in the computer.

5. when compilling the Tagprop.m file, it needs to mex the .c file, because the gcc compiler of the current ubuntu system is not compatible with the current Matlab mex version. Then I use  a previous , old version of gcc.

command line : sudo apt-get gcc-4.4

6. can not find the lstdc++ file, an unexpected exit.

check where has the file with the lstdc character

COmmand line: locate stdc

........find the correct link file with .so6 ended

copy the place of the right library file. Usually, it is because of the library file i386-gnu.linux is later installed, therefore, some of the library files is not installed right under the /usr/lib , instead they are installed on /usr/...i386-gnu.linux.....

7. What we should do is to creat the link to the from

COmmand line: sudo ln -s (source place)  (des place(/usr/

PS: some common usage of linux

1. sudo apt-get install...

2 sudo root

3. sudo 计算机用户名

linux ubuntu problem fix 3.13,古老的榕树,